James Ormond Park

Together, let's build a playground!

We have a vision of a community play space where children of all abilities can learn, play, and let their imaginations run wild together in a side-by-side environment. James Ormond Tomb Park, located on the historic “Loop,” was recently given to us to execute this vision!

See how we got everything started.

Ormond Tomb Park is a beautiful 9-acre park with great potential but has equipment that is not all-inclusive and is in desperate need of replacement. This is where we come in and you can help us! More than just a playground, this project will be a community gathering space for children of all abilities to enjoy and grow together.

We are working with Leathers and Associates, which specializes in community-built playgrounds that exceed Americans with Disabilities Act. Leaving the vision/design of the playground to the children in our community who will be using it, our goal is to have a space that is truly what the community needs and desires.

See our vision for James Ormond Park

A little history on the park.

James Ormond Tomb Park is a historical site, sitting on what was once the Ormond family cotton and indigo plantation, and includes the resting place of James Ormond II near the back of the park. Our vision, guided already by members of our Child Advisory Board, includes not only the construction of an all-inclusive playground, but also: an educational area incorporating James Ormond II’s tomb, a sensory trail and sensory play areas, upgrades to the restroom facilities to allow for better service to our local families and those with special needs children, an angel wings photography wall in memory of Kiran Bleu, and planting of native flora/removal of invasive flora in support of the “Regrow the Loop” initiative and to preserve the natural landscape in which the park is located.

Although James Ormond Tomb Park is a county-owned park, the county isn’t directly involved with the fundraising for the playground. Instead, the all-volunteer team is committed to building an exciting new venue for children and family entertainment, exercise, and education right here in Volusia County. That means 100% of all fundraising dollars go directly toward the playground project. This will be a huge undertaking and will be organized and constructed all by volunteers. Our goal is to involve the entire community and make this YOUR space!

If you are interested in volunteering, donating tools/equipment/supplies, or learning more about our efforts, please contact us below.

We have a grand vision for our new park.

We hope our vision board inspires you to get involved and help us create this new accessible feature for Ormond Beach.
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